The Perfect New Years Eve Midnight Kiss in Charleston South Carolina

Nothing is more romantic than a perfect kiss to start off the New Year! We have listed places for you to experience that special moment with someone this year. Who know’s maybe you’ll meet that someone at the Mansion Ball, Yorktown Countdown or Snyder Grand Ball.

Mansion Ball Rooftop

The Restoration Hotel’s Rooftop, where Mansion Ball is held has the perfect spot for a unforgettable new years kiss. You will be able to see the historic Charleston, SC, and its highest steeples lit up at night from one of the most luxurious hotels.


Aircraft carrier at Yorktown Countdown

What more romantic then having your kiss on a national historical landmark? The flight deck of the carrier will give you views overlooking the city of Charleston, the harbour and the famous Arthur Ravenel Bridge. Right after, you can go back to partying on the heated flight deck with several bars, a big stage, and music going until 1am.

Aquarium terrace at Snyder Grand Ball

If you’re spending your night at the Snyder Grand Ball, the aquarium terrace is a beautiful scenic spot to step away with your date. Looking over the waterfront, you will be able to see all the lights from the boats and the bridge, giving you breathtaking views.

Waterfront park

Right off all the partying on Market street and East Bay street, Waterfront Park is a lovely spot to take a quick party break and enjoy a perfect New Year’s Eve Kiss. Giving you views of the Charleston harbor while sitting on one of the swinging benches docks is sure to be a relaxing picturesque moment for you and your date.

White Point Gardens

Located on the battery, a short walk from the Mansion Ball, under the Gazebo is one of the most magnificent spots to have a New Year’s Kiss. Under the Gazebo you are able to enjoy the views of the Charleston Harbour and Fort Sumter. After your kiss you can even enjoy a nice walk down the battery looking at all the incredible historic Charleston homes!